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July Report – Enterprise XR Best Practices & Case Studies, Volume 4
July Report – Enterprise XR Best Practices & Case Studies, Volume 4
August Report – Smart Glasses: The New Reality
August Report – Smart Glasses: The New Reality
September Report – VR Global Revenue Outlook: 2023-2028
September Report – VR Global Revenue Outlook: 2023-2028


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Michael (ARtillery Intelligence) is a well-versed industry expert on AR and VR, and has authored multiple thought leadership pieces in the industry. Mike’s also been a knowledgeable speaker at a variety of conferences. I would recommend Mike for any kind of business strategy-related activity.
Kristi Cu
Strategy & Product, Building 8 / Facebook
Mike [ARtillery Intelligence] is, hands down, one of the best industry analysts I have ever worked with in my career. Mike provided great counsel to my company, Invoca, as we renamed/rebranded the company and announced Series C funding… I wish I could clone him.
Brett Smith
Communications Manager / Prezi
For those working in #XR and others looking to educate yourselves on this industry ditch the Wave reports and Hype Cycles and opt for a specialist industry analyst firm. Michael Boland’s team at ARtillery Intelligence delivers original, relevant and well prepped/delivered insights and data analytics on the market trends that matter across the extended reality ecosystem.
Reynaldo Zabala
XR Strategy Director / RazorEdge
As growth capital investors, we’re accustomed to completing thorough market diligence and speaking with many industry analysts and experts. Mike Boland [ARtillery Intelligence] is top-tier in terms of aptitude for digital transformation and, equally important, translating that into value creation and opportunity spotting.
Mike McClure
Principle / Sageview Capital
ARtillery Intelligence and Mike Boland have deep insights and data-backed narratives for XR’s impact. They’re a useful and valuable resource for anyone vetting business opportunities in these emerging fields.
Prem Nagarathnam
Global Strategist / Samsung
I couldn’t be more fortunate than to get to work with Mike and ARtillery Intelligence on a daily basis to build the VRARA’s SF operations. His background as a journalist and analyst help him synthesize the deluge of information coming to us in the VR/AR industries, and to find the salient points upon which to focus. He makes running events look easy, and that’s because of the tremendous amount of legwork that he does leading up to them to make sure they go off without a hitch.
Emily Olman
CEO & Co-founder / Spatial First
People in the industry look to Michael Boland and ARtillery Intelligence as the leading source of emerging trends, industry shift and innovation. Michael Boland is an industry term, as it’s not just his name anymore. He’s an excellent public speaker and company representative as I’ve had the pleasure of watching Mike build his impeccable reputation dramatically over the last decade. Mike is a leader in strategy, product, operations and innovation and would be a key asset to growing any company he consults with or works for. He has the Midas touch, as every project he’s worked on turns to gold, I’ve witnessed this at both BIA Kelsey and The VR/AR Association.
Kelly Benish
VP, Business Development / Navads
I have known Mike for over 10 years. He is one of those analysts who really “gets it.” He and ARtillery Intelligence have a good track record of spotting trends and writing/speaking about the technologies that will have the most impact on our lives and wallets.
Ron Braunfeld
VP, Business Development / Pingup
I’ve seen Mike [ARtillery Intelligence] on stage many times and he’s one of the best presenters I’ve ever seen
Michele Chaboudy
President / Macabbey & Associates
There are so many people in this space that covet their ideas, and this is what cripples our space. Mike and ARtillery Intelligence have for years always been a driving force behind identifying emerging trends and sharing them with the world by either writing about it in one of his many publications, or standing on stage and delivering it at conferences.
Walt Geer
Creative Director / Verve Mobile
Mike [ARtillery Intelligence] is a triple threat: analyst, writer and public speaker. As an analyst, Mike not only knows how to identify and follow emerging trends, he knows how to share them in a way that’s digestible. On stage, Mike is confident, charming and informative. When writing, Mike is thorough, fair and precise. Mike makes analysis look easy because he puts the rigor necessary into being a thought leader.
Stacey Sedbrook
VP, Sales / Denver Business Journal
Michael [ARtillery Intelligence] is a smart analyst that has in-depth understanding of technology and the changes they are driving in the marketplace… His data-driven presentations and articles are always insightful to understand the customer needs and future direction.
RadhaKrishna Hiremane
Head of Data Platform and Integration / Boeing AnalytX



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