Let’s Cross Promote

We’ll amplify your event to our engaged audience.

ARtillery Intelligence has launched a partnership program for events. This utilizes its position as a trusted authority with a loyal audience, including its sister publication, AR Insider. We’ve executed partnerships with top industry events such as AWE and GDC to drive interest and attendance.

The terms — spelled out in greater detail below — apply industry-standards for even partnerships, which we’ve executed in various forms (on both sides of the event/media equation) over the past 15 years. In short, no money changes hands and it consists mostly of cross-promotion.

Specific terms are outlined below, but are customizable as we recognize that all events are not the same. We’re also happy to comply with event partners’ standard terms if preferred. The below is just to volunteer a structure and save time through a proven formula/template.


Standard Terms

A jumping-off point


You get

– 5 Social Posts
– Banner ad placement in our AR Insider Weekly newsletter (example)

Additional email marketing (standalone blasts), and extended banner & social posts are available for a fee. See details.

We get

– Designation as event partner (linked logo on conference website)
– Discount code for our audience/network


Campaign Upgrade

Elevate your visibility to our opted-in audience

As noted above, an event partnership can be elevated with an email marketing campaign that creates a 1+1=3 dynamic. More details on our full suite of visibility & promotional offerings can be explored here.

Event Partnership
Cross-Promotions: Us and Your Event
5 Social Posts
One-week banner ad run in AR Weekly Newsletter
Event Marketing Campaign
Elevate Your Event Visibility
25 Social Posts
Two-week banner ad run in AR Weekly newsletter
Two-week banner ad run on AR Insider website
Email marketing campaign (3 blasts)


Past Partners

What you can expect in future event partners


Visual Assets

Logos and company descriptions for event partner use


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